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The one-day NikeFuel challenge

Do you know how much energy you use in a regular day? We challenged two writers to see how much NikeFuel they could earn during a regular day of work, shopping and entertaining.

Frankie wearing her Nike+ FuelBand on a shopping trip (© Cleveland Aaron)

Frankie Mullin
Total NikeFuel earned: 3,622

Although I enjoy keeping fit, as a journalist, my life can sometimes be pretty sedentary and on the day of the Nike+ FuelBand challenge, looming deadlines make it unlikely I’ll be able to get out much. Still, I’m shocked when it gets to lunchtime and I realise I’ve only earned 412 NikeFuel points. I think guiltily about the days on which I am glued to my laptop for 12 hours with nary a waddle into the great outdoors.

At lunchtime, I throw caution to the wind and dash into town; shopping, I figure, will earn me some NikeFuel points. Happily it does (527 points). I find struggling in and out of jeans especially effective.

Ditching the laptop

When I finally drag myself away from my laptop after another four hours, during which I am acutely aware of how little I move, I walk 30 minutes to the supermarket, which earns me a surprising 460 NikeFuel points. I lazily bus it back but time is short and I want to make it to the gym before my friends come over this evening. In the end, I only have time for a 40-minute workout, which earns me 697 more NikeFuel points.

I’m attempting my first ever soufflé this evening and am making grated beetroot and carrot salad to go with it. I tell you this because, in my cunning planning, I have chosen recipes that require as much whisking, grating and general vigorous arm movement as possible. In the event, cooking dinner is worth a modest but important 212 NikeFuel points.

At the end of the day, I’ve earned 3,622 NikeFuel points. I’ve hit my 3,000-point goal but, for me, this has been an active day (what with the gym, grated salad and whatnot). For this reason, I intend to carry on wearing my Nike+ FuelBand this week. While going to the gym is good, I see that being active is about fitting in some sort of movement throughout the day and perhaps seeing this graphically represented by the NikeFuel app will be the motivator I need.

Chris Peacock
Total NikeFuel earned: 3,837

Working in an office day in and day out, I’m intrigued to see just how active – or inactive – my average weekday really is. On busier days when I’m chained to my desk, the only activity I’m aware of is walking to the kitchen to make a round of tea or popping out quickly at lunchtime to grab a sandwich. But with the Nike+ FuelBand measuring every single movement of the day, from walking to the tube and pacing around the office to running up and down the stairs, it’s surprising what a day’s activity actually amounts to.

Desk-bound and down

I set up my Nike+ FuelBand in the morning with a medium-sized target of 3,000 fuel points for the day. After a brisk 10-minute walk from my flat to the tube station, a 15-minute train journey and a five-minute stroll into the office, I’m sitting at my desk where I’ll pretty much be the whole morning – bar a couple of trips to the printer. So it’s a real surprise to see that between 8 and 9am I earned 292 fuel points - roughly the same amount as I'd earned doing 10 minutes on the rowing machine the day before. After this it’s downhill a bit, earning just 222 points in the following four hours, but with some lunchtime shopping planned and an afternoon of off-site meetings, I’m confident things will pick up.

Playing catch-up

Between 2 and 6pm, I’m pretty chuffed to get another 1,319 points under my belt before hitting the gym to rack up some more. An hour’s workout with time on the treadmill, rowing machine and cross-trainer, amounts to roughly 1,265 more points. With my daily goal nearly reached, I’m off home for an evening in with some friends, amassing another 739 points before crashing out for the day - but not before checking my FuelBand and seeing a whopping score of 3,837.  Now to beat this tomorrow…

Nike+ FuelBand (© Nike)

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